I want my face to be infallibly carved with laugh lines when I'm old and grey, to reveal the happiness that I've lived to know.


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Anonymous asked:
Vee, I have a 7pm curfew and I am insecure about my legs so I stay away from shorts and skirts. The guy I like has an ex tht is girly and possibly more freedom than I do. What do I do in this case? I feel like I'm not ready to be in a relationship but at the same time he is so perfect. What do I do?

If you think you’re not ready then you probably are not ready. Never dive into something half heartedly! He’s prob not as “perfect” as you think he is.

I think you should work on loving yourself, work on being comfortable with your body, and becoming more positive and confident. This will automatically attract more love and happiness into your life.

You can’t live for other people. Or based on what they think. You have to be your own person and you have to happy with that. And as soon as you find your own inner joy, people will be drawn to it. It will show on your face and in your posture and in your smile and the way you interact with others!

The only person you have to impress is yourself.

Good luck homie xx

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Anonymous asked:
A guy I met online whom I think is perfect just added me on Facebook! I'm so nervous omgg.

Oooh don’t be nervous but be careful and if he gets a bit creepy just block him!!!!! Good luck xx

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Anonymous asked:
you just answered my question about sex and honestly have made me feel so much better! i love the way you explained it and its refreshing to know not eveyone is like my pressuring friend. thank you so much you have made me feel so much better xxx

You’re welcome!! Glad I could help xx

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Anonymous asked:
i have never been in a relationship before so i have never done 'it' and that makes me so insecure and worried to get in a relationship. im never 18 years old and i understand that is young but ALL and i do mean all lost theres at like 15 so not having done it makes me put up a wall because im afraid they will judge me. i feel so lame and so stupid

You’re not lame you’re not stupid and you ARE really young. I think the problem w/ sex is that it’s either seen as some prized possession you have to keep until you’re married or it’s seen as no big deal. But neither of those are true.

Sex is whatever you want it to be.
It’s something you can define for yourself. If you haven’t had a partner yet or if you haven’t found someone you want to share that experience with- it’s totally cool. I have friends in their 20s who haven’t had sex yet.

There’s no time limit to this. Please don’t feel pressured by the people around you. (In my personal opinion, 15 is a little young anyway. It’s not even legal!)

I think you’re totally fine darling - don’t stress out over this. When the time is right, it’ll happen. If you want to wait until you get a bf/gf, that’s great! If you want to wait until you’re married, that’s okay too! If you want to wait until you feel comfortable and excited to do it with someone, that’s awesome!

The point is- do it when it’s right for YOU. And nobody else. It’s your life, your body, your choices. No one has any right to judge you. Be confident with yourself! Sex isn’t going to make you magically “cooler” just as not having sex makes you any “lamer.” You are fine exactly as you are :-)

Love you darling xx

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Anonymous asked:
So my sister showed me your blog, and compared it to my second Instagram account that is a self-harm support account that people can follow, and RELATE. She kind of put me down, because all my posts on that account are depressing, and as she said, "negative". But I purposely post sad things, because I personally relate better to depression-related quotes rather than happy ones. What do you think about this? /: Also on a side note I feel like you probably don't even want to know my Instagram. /:

Hi anon! I’m sorry your sister made you feel bad… That wasn’t very nice of her. I think she was just trying to help but was going about it in the wrong way.

To be completely honest with you (please don’t be angry with me!), I think you should get rid of that account. I completely understand why you have it, because it helps you feel less alone and also gives you an avenue to express your inner feelings that you might not be able to show in public/around people.

But by having it, I think you are reinforcing your negative thoughts and also allowing other people’s “enjoyment” of that account as a good justification for keeping it. You also never know who might be triggered by your account, you never know who might be making progress with their depression but slip back into it by seeing what you post. I truly don’t think you are doing yourself or anyone a favour by continuing to run it.

If you really want to get better, you need to make a concerted effort to change.

It’s not easy, I know. I too used to have a blog that was very negative and dark. But then I realised this wasn’t helping me at all!!

Now I’m not asking you to have a blog like mine, that’s all sunshine and rainbows. (My blog wasn’t always like this- it has become like this over the course of 3 years! And my personal blog has more of my raw emotions). Insincere words aren’t going to help you, I know. And the very last thing I want to do is use my blog to mask my hidden struggles. I have never done that, and I will never do that. I am honest about my negative thoughts and feelings… but I make an effort to overcome them. And that’s why this blog is useful to me.

Perhaps you could try shifting the focus of your account to represent your journey towards overcoming depression. All journeys have ups and downs. Instead of posting negative things only, try a different approach. Like “today I struggled w this and that or I hurt myself today but I am still alive. I am still fighting. And it will get better!”

Focus on something that will enable your improvement, rather than reinforcing your depressive thoughts.

That’s my take on this, and I hope I haven’t offended you in any way.

Take care love xx

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Anonymous asked:
i have recently just put on over 17kgs after suffering from an eating disorder, i am now 55kg and im finding it so hard to have any confidence and find anyone who even looks at me twice. I dont want to be desperate but its so hard now having people say things like im fat and i use to be hot and have a good body. i cant even be myself and give people a chance anymore, im so afraid of judgment and so self conscience! sorry this is strange i just dont know what to do anymore

TW: eating disorder, TW: weight, TW: numbers

55kg?! That’s sounds to me like a healthy weight. I don’t know what your height is, but 55kg should be a healthy weight for any woman (assuming you’re a woman) of average height. It might even be a little underweight if you are tall.

Your old weight was EXTREMELY unhealthy, no matter your height, and I’m so glad you’re weight restored now.

I’m not an expert on ED because I have no experience with it… but I do know that ED recovery doesn’t just entail being weight restored.

It also entails developing confidence in your new body. It’s both about physical health and mental health!

And recovery is a long process… you just have to take it slow and step by step.

I just want you to know that what you’re feeling is not uncommon and is a normal part of recovery. You may feel “fat” after being weight-restored, but it’s a natural feeling… and a huge part of overcoming your ED is learning to cope with whatever thoughts and feelings you have about your new weight.

I suggest you get rid of your weighing scale, at least for a while. And focus on feeling good on your own. Eat what you want, when you want, engage in activities that make you feel good like yoga etc. And learn to feel healthy without basing it off a number.

I’m sorry I can’t be of more help, please approach my friend Nikki, who’s really good at giving advice on EDs. You can also approach my friends Gudrun and Bella.

All the best, darling. xxx

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