I want my face to be infallibly carved with laugh lines when I'm old and grey, to reveal the happiness that I've lived to know.
Anonymous asked:
I'm going through a very very very dark time at the moment. But when I'm feeling depressed I look at your blog and read all the positive, happy posts. And for those moments, it makes me feel better. It makes me forget the pain

hi sweet friend. i’m sorry you’re going through such a difficult time right now. i’m glad my blog can help you even just a little. whenever i feel lost in my dark place, i always remember this one quote by rainer maria rilke:

Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final. 

whatever you’re dealing with right now, this is not the end. you will emerge on the other side of all that pain, stronger and better and braver. i promise. please hang in there. sending you lots of love and good vibes… you can get through this !! xxxx 

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Hi, I just wanted you to know that this blog is very important. Thank You! :) xx

you are so very welcome, sweet friend. i hope it gives you something to smile about <333 

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VEE! Hope you have tons of fun :)

THANK YOU!! i did :-))) 

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HIIII!! I hope I'm not late omg but happy birthday lovely :D I hope you have/had an amazing day! <3333

it was yesterday darling but thank you it was wonderful <3333 

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Omg! Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!! 😄 hope you have an amazing day! Eat loads of cake and have fun !xoxxooo

Thank you darling!!!! 😍😘

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